Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the suspense is killing me

hi friends!

sorry to not have kept you in the loop for a while but i only did that because i have been changing my mind like crazy! i'm not kidding. i didn't want to be held accountable for something i end up not doing or to confuse people so here is my rather long update...

if you know what has been going on, you can skip to **. otherwise read on!

originally i was planning to go back to stony brook, new york for another semester and have a blast dancing like a maniac. i even came home with nothing but a carry-on bag because i was planning to go back. but that changed... so my mom and i took a nice (cold) trip to nyc to pack up my clothes and donate basically everything else.

we saw annie: the musical. it was awesome! so fun!

we came home and i made sad attempts to register for classes at the u, but registering 2 weeks before the semester starts isn't easy but i was still going to try and get into the classes i needed on the first day of class.

then the first day of class came - after a long weekend i won't go into detail about here - and when i walked onto campus i immediately thought (before even stepping into class), "i love the u. this is my home, my school. but... i'm just not meant to go here this semester."

crazy, right? i am not the kind of person who takes time off of school, but Heavenly Father had another plan for me.


immediately i started fast-tracking getting my mission papers done. i conveniently had my wisdom teeth removed last summer so i just had to bump um my dentist and doctors appointments (with some truly divine help) and i was ready for my interviews within just a couple of days. how awesome?

on monday 01/07 i went to the u and decided not to attend but to start my papers.
on sunday 01/13 i met with my bishop.
on tuesday 01/15 i met with the stake president (what an awesome, spiritual experience that was).
on thursday 01/17 ashley and i went to the temple AND on the same day both of our calls were placed!!! WHAT?! two days-two days- (36 hours really) between when i submitted my papers and when elders of the quorum of the twelve met and received revelation from Heavenly Father as to where i should serve Him on a mission.

isn't that just amazing?

but know the suspense is killing me! where am i going? it doesn't really matter. but i still want to know! obviously!

lead kindly light amid the encircling gloom,
lead thou me on!
the night is dark and i am far from home,
lead thou me on!
keep thou my feet, i do not ask to see
the distant scene, 
one step enough for me.

this song has been my theme for the past several months; it reminds me that i don't always have to know what is going to happen in my future life but i must always remember that my loving Heavenly Father always knows. and not only does he know, but His plan is the one that i am supposed to be on. it is tailor-made, perfect for me.

my mission call should come tomorrow (though i am not sure because of MLK day...?) and i will get a little glimpse of what the next chapter in my life will hold, but this one step will be enough for me, for now.

where do you think i'm going??

<3 tutus on the subway
aka sister rasmuson

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