about me

hello friends! my name is mikayla and this is my blog.
i am 18, a college student at the university of utah who is currently studying at stony brook university on long island through the national student exchange. its fabulous. if you are a college student or know someone who is or one day will be a college student i highly recommend that you click here now!
i would be lying if i told you i didn't love school. and i would also be lying if i told you i didn't hate homework. anyways... i am majoring in communications but really what interests me is dance (even if you don't know me you should have caught onto that by now). i love dance and hope to make a career of it one day very soon.
other things i adore are nyc, broadway shows, books, travel, pictures (i'm getting better about taking them), church and i could keep this list going all day.
that is me!
<3 tutus on the subway

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