Tuesday, November 27, 2012

les miserables

my favorite thing ever: les miserables.
favorite movie, broadway show, story...= les miserables. every time.
so excited for the new movie this christmas!


this thanksgiving was not what i planned...

my sweet roommie invited me to her house for thanksgiving and i was going to go until i decided to be nice to someone who didn't deserve it and rude to someone who did...

long story short: one person didn't have any plans for thanksgiving and i felt bad so i didn't go with my roommate and then it didn't work out with them so i then had no thanksgiving plans, or anyone to spend it with. did i mention that all this happened on tuesday?

well, y'all know me well enough to know that a couple of sets of plans falling through is not enough to stop me from having a fabulous time. i certainly wasn't just going to depressedly sit in my apartment all weekend, now was i?

a trip to the city was the obvious solution.

it was not what i planned but i still had fun at the parade and 5 broadway shows (ok, one of them was off-broadway). yep you read that right. loved it!

some pics from my weekend (on instagram too!):

 elevator to the fantasticks (staring aaron carter=10-year-old dream come true!) but i think i'll just take the stairs...
 nyc public library. decorated for christmas the day after thanksgiving.
 chicago! rush ticket on the front row!
 a little black friday shopping at anthropologie!
 rockafeller center!
 ny pizza for lunch and dinner, obviously.
my playbill pile-up from the weekend!
some pics from my weekend (on instagram too!):

Monday, November 19, 2012


i love me some broadway. i finally got to go back to nyc this weekend and oh how i have missed it.

because of stupid frankenstorm i haven't been to the city in so long! can i just tell you how much i love it? because i do. the culture is just so... well, me. it is truly wonderful.

i went to complexions contemporary ballet performance. they are always wonderful. they also travel a lot so if you get the chance to see them anywhere, do!

i went to my favorite place in all of the city: lincoln center. i don't know if i have mentioned this before but it really is my favorite place. everything thing that i love is all in one place: the manhattan temple, julliard, lincoln center theaters (aka: nyc ballet, the philharmonic, broadway's war horse). with all of that, why wouldn't i love it?

then... best part! chaplin: the musical!!!!!! SO amazing. go see it if you ever get the chance. three words: black and white. i won't tell you how they do it, you'll just have to go see for yourself and please do! its awesomeness is unexpectedly wonderful. and i can't say enough good things about it.
some broadway playbills. i have quite a stack growing on my desk recently.
randomly, i really love this quote so enjoy!
<3 tutus on the subway

Saturday, November 10, 2012

guilty pleasure

dear friends,
i have a problem.
this probably won't come as a shock to most people, but i'll state it anyways:
  i. love. pinterest! 
so much.
it's becoming a bit of a problem because i could spend hours on it. and i sometimes do... especially when i am in the library and should be studying. but that's another problem all together.
anyways, i want to share a little inspiration and maybe a little humor with you today. get ready.

every dang time.
something i think about often.

yay for missions and hunger games!

why i love ellen: we believe in dance

because broadway is boss and so right

my life motto. seriously.

by bestie and me
obviously something i would do ;)
BOTH! ;)
who is surprised that i have in fact danced in the rain? no one? good. y'all know me well.

i have the same question every time i watch this movie

i was really going to only include 6-ish... but then i got looking on pinterest and remembered how boss all the stuff is that i have on there... if you don't follow me yet - or worse don't yet have a pinterest (gasp!) - that's okay, we can still be friends... as long as you click here instantly!
making this brought some extra smiles to my day and i hope reading it did the same for you!
wishing you a lovely day!
<3 tutus on the subway

Friday, November 9, 2012

bucket list

a phrase i have been thinking a lot about lately. you only live once. its always been true. so how does that effect me? to me yolo doesn't mean making decisions like getting a tattoo but living your life to the fullest.. taking risks, trying new things, living the width of your life not just the length of it.
the reason i have been thinking so much about this is because i know that i am so blessed to have every day that i do but i don't feel like i am doing enough with them. currently i am living the length of my life only.
this prompted me to dig up my handy dandy bucket list. i will accomplish everything on that list so hold me accountable!

get my picture taken in a tutu on the nyc subway (read my blog name?)
go to school out of state
graduate from college
live in new york
dance professionally (no one should be shocked by this)
go skydiving
learn to snowboard
attend julliard
backpack through europe (with my bff)

do humanitarian work in africa (also with my bff)
be a backup dancer for a famous singer (aka justin beiber)
write a book
kiss on the empire state building
read the rory gilmore book list (gilmore girls is awesome)
dance under the eiffel tower
walk on the great wall of china
visit machu picchu (again because once just wasn't enough)
watch the ball drop in times square
study abroad
become a disney princess (belle is my favorite)
serve a mission
become fluent in a second language (besides scarcasm of course)
swim with dolphins
ride an elephant

release a floating lantern at a festival of floating lights (full tangled style)
learn to surf (hopefully be taught by some cute surfer boy)
have a house on the beach
complete a marathon (why? i don't know but it would be cool to say i did)
be in two places at once (a walk to remember flashbacks anyone?)
watch baby turtles hatch (the last song... i really like nicholas sparks obviously)
go on a hot air balloon ride (since there are no magic carpets, this is the next best thing. there will be singing)
go skinny dipping in the ocean (come on, you want to do it too)
visit greece (just like my fav, mamma mia)
ride a horse on a beach
kiss josh hutcherson (obviously)

make a wish at the trevi fountain
see the great pyramids
date a british boy (the accent!)
master a musical instrument
own a pair of louboutins
have a library in my house (i told you belle is my favorite)
eat basically everything in italy
shop on black friday
put a padlock on lovers bridge in paris then throw the key in the water
see the northern lights
ride a gondola
get into the ocean with sharks
go sailing (charlie st cloud... i think yes)
be a dallas cowboys cheerleader (again, obviously)
join the peace corps.
take dance classes in nyc
go to the louvre
live happily ever after (princess remember)

did i miss anything? whats on your bucket list?
<3 tutus on the subway

Thursday, November 8, 2012

oh, hello snow

last week a hurricane, this week a nor'easter... oh, what will next week bring?
i am used to snow, its what my town (and whole home state) is known for. "utah: greatest snow on earth." what i am not so used to is the wet. most of the time the snow is dry back home, here it is a nasty slushy mess... not so lovely, especially when it soaks through your boots...
i do love all winter clothing though: hats, boots, scarves, gloves; whats not to love about that?
i have missed a lot of days of my 30 days of thanks on the blog (not that i haven't been thinking of things i am thankful for, i just haven't been writing them here) gotta catch up:
4. power and heat. people here still don't have it and its getting cold.
5. time. i have had a lot more time on my hands to be filled with things other than classes and school work lately and i am loving finding things worth while to do with it.
6. stony brook dance program. no, it is not big. no, it is not filled with the most technical dancers nor the most experienced dancers. no, it is not the most well established program i have ever seen. but what it does have is a place in my heart. without my dance classes i would not have made the great friends that i have, i would not have gotten the opportunity to improve so much as a dancer and i wouldn't even be staying in new york next semester. the dance program here, its kinda boss.7. layers. i refuse to wear a winter coat until the week of thanksgiving (its just too early before that!) but that doesn't mean i haven't been bundling up, goodness knows i get cold so easily. so i have been layering big time this week. leg warmers are my new best friends. i haven't lost any limbs thus far to frostbite so far so i think i am doing ok.
8. little blessings. they are really the ones that so often go unnoticed but can mean the most when you do find them.
stay warm!
you don't even see all my layers! leg warmers = friends
<3 tutus on the subway

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"so much better"

and... play!
y'all know i love me some broadway. so what better than to choose a broadway song to describe my day? brilliant right? so please enjoy "so much better" from the musical legally blonde (elle woods just found out that she got the very prestigious internship from her professor).
BIG news, friends! you ready? the whole world knows that i have been stressing about getting into performance dance ensemble for next semester. it is a by audition only dance class and only 15-20 dancers get chosen for it each spring semester and guess who got in? me! i don't mean to brag or act like i am so cool because i got this or anything, but i am just too excited not to say anything! this class is basically the whole reason that i am staying at stony brook next semester so it is kinda a big deal to me and will give me some great performance experience for my hopeful career as a dancer.
can i also just say (of course i can, its my blog and i can say whatever i want) that i am so excited for next semester?! literally taking 4 dance classes - ballet, performance dance ensemble, afro-brazilian, and choreography - and will be loving all of the crazy, sore, tired, exciting moments!
i just love dance. we'll leave it at that.
<3 tutus on the subway

Saturday, November 3, 2012

abby's ultimate dance competition

"dance moms isn't a guilty pleasure. its a way of life." -scott (bestie dance friend)
yes, scott. yes it is.
i adore me some dance moms but since i haven't had a tv and i don't watch any shows at all since i have moved to ny (except glee of course) i didn't even know that abby lee had a new show! i can't believe that i have been missing out on this for so long! i also can't believe that my little sister who pretends to be my friend hasn't told me that she has been watching it. all season! how very rude of her i think.
naturally i went a little cray and watched the whole season using my father's direct tv account online. those mommas be crazy! its so dramatic and wonderful! and i am not even a fan of reality shows in general.
of course i had to send my mom my commentary on the whole thing - when i lived at home i would just yell it up the stairs but even though i can yell really loud, it doesn't quite carry all the way back home to utah... so i texted it today.

continuing with the theme of thanks for the month of november, you won't be surprised when i tell you that what i am thankful for today is abby lee miller... she is so boss. i love her and wish i had a dance teacher like her when i was growing up. i would have hated her but i would be a much better technician today which would be totally worth it as i am trying to make a career of dance and technique is kinda important... i have spent too many lazy days this week (thank you hurricane sandy) and i sure enjoyed this lazy day full of dance moms!
<3 tutus on the subway

Friday, November 2, 2012

30 days of thanks

hello blog world! it is now my favorite month because of thanksgiving. i love thanksgiving for so many reasons but mostly because i love food and hanging out with my family and thinking of all the things i am thankful for because it makes me happy.
i saw on a good friend's blog (hope smiling brightly which you should check out because its pretty boss) that she was saying all the things that she was thankful for this month. since she is wonderful and i want to be wonderful too, here i will be including all the things i am thankful for all month long, one a day for 30 days... since i missed yesterday, i will be writing 2 today:
  1. my family. they were supposed to come visit this weekend and my dad was going to run the nyc marathon but stupid frankenstorm came and ruined lots of things including my chance to see my family. 
  2. my safety. stony brook university was basically in the perfect position for the storm and the campus was virtually unscathed while all the surrounding areas were hit pretty badly. my prayers go out to all those in much worse situations than me.
this week we haven't had any classes because of the hurricane and although i have appreciated the break, i have just been so bored! also i have no car and have been cooped up on campus and in my apartment all week. i might go crazy! please enjoy a few pictures depicting this week's boredom.
 my roommates and i ate a TON of treats (the baked goods were gone before pictures could be properly taken)
 tanuf and anna took it upon themselves to make okra for dinner tonight and my laziness greatly appreciated it.
basically my day... sleep late, eat peanut butter sadly with a spoon, pretend to run, read, play on pinterest, read, discover a app for editing photos which is boss.
<3 tutus on the subway