Friday, November 2, 2012

30 days of thanks

hello blog world! it is now my favorite month because of thanksgiving. i love thanksgiving for so many reasons but mostly because i love food and hanging out with my family and thinking of all the things i am thankful for because it makes me happy.
i saw on a good friend's blog (hope smiling brightly which you should check out because its pretty boss) that she was saying all the things that she was thankful for this month. since she is wonderful and i want to be wonderful too, here i will be including all the things i am thankful for all month long, one a day for 30 days... since i missed yesterday, i will be writing 2 today:
  1. my family. they were supposed to come visit this weekend and my dad was going to run the nyc marathon but stupid frankenstorm came and ruined lots of things including my chance to see my family. 
  2. my safety. stony brook university was basically in the perfect position for the storm and the campus was virtually unscathed while all the surrounding areas were hit pretty badly. my prayers go out to all those in much worse situations than me.
this week we haven't had any classes because of the hurricane and although i have appreciated the break, i have just been so bored! also i have no car and have been cooped up on campus and in my apartment all week. i might go crazy! please enjoy a few pictures depicting this week's boredom.
 my roommates and i ate a TON of treats (the baked goods were gone before pictures could be properly taken)
 tanuf and anna took it upon themselves to make okra for dinner tonight and my laziness greatly appreciated it.
basically my day... sleep late, eat peanut butter sadly with a spoon, pretend to run, read, play on pinterest, read, discover a app for editing photos which is boss.
<3 tutus on the subway

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