Saturday, November 3, 2012

abby's ultimate dance competition

"dance moms isn't a guilty pleasure. its a way of life." -scott (bestie dance friend)
yes, scott. yes it is.
i adore me some dance moms but since i haven't had a tv and i don't watch any shows at all since i have moved to ny (except glee of course) i didn't even know that abby lee had a new show! i can't believe that i have been missing out on this for so long! i also can't believe that my little sister who pretends to be my friend hasn't told me that she has been watching it. all season! how very rude of her i think.
naturally i went a little cray and watched the whole season using my father's direct tv account online. those mommas be crazy! its so dramatic and wonderful! and i am not even a fan of reality shows in general.
of course i had to send my mom my commentary on the whole thing - when i lived at home i would just yell it up the stairs but even though i can yell really loud, it doesn't quite carry all the way back home to utah... so i texted it today.

continuing with the theme of thanks for the month of november, you won't be surprised when i tell you that what i am thankful for today is abby lee miller... she is so boss. i love her and wish i had a dance teacher like her when i was growing up. i would have hated her but i would be a much better technician today which would be totally worth it as i am trying to make a career of dance and technique is kinda important... i have spent too many lazy days this week (thank you hurricane sandy) and i sure enjoyed this lazy day full of dance moms!
<3 tutus on the subway

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