Tuesday, November 27, 2012


this thanksgiving was not what i planned...

my sweet roommie invited me to her house for thanksgiving and i was going to go until i decided to be nice to someone who didn't deserve it and rude to someone who did...

long story short: one person didn't have any plans for thanksgiving and i felt bad so i didn't go with my roommate and then it didn't work out with them so i then had no thanksgiving plans, or anyone to spend it with. did i mention that all this happened on tuesday?

well, y'all know me well enough to know that a couple of sets of plans falling through is not enough to stop me from having a fabulous time. i certainly wasn't just going to depressedly sit in my apartment all weekend, now was i?

a trip to the city was the obvious solution.

it was not what i planned but i still had fun at the parade and 5 broadway shows (ok, one of them was off-broadway). yep you read that right. loved it!

some pics from my weekend (on instagram too!):

 elevator to the fantasticks (staring aaron carter=10-year-old dream come true!) but i think i'll just take the stairs...
 nyc public library. decorated for christmas the day after thanksgiving.
 chicago! rush ticket on the front row!
 a little black friday shopping at anthropologie!
 rockafeller center!
 ny pizza for lunch and dinner, obviously.
my playbill pile-up from the weekend!
some pics from my weekend (on instagram too!):

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