Friday, November 9, 2012

bucket list

a phrase i have been thinking a lot about lately. you only live once. its always been true. so how does that effect me? to me yolo doesn't mean making decisions like getting a tattoo but living your life to the fullest.. taking risks, trying new things, living the width of your life not just the length of it.
the reason i have been thinking so much about this is because i know that i am so blessed to have every day that i do but i don't feel like i am doing enough with them. currently i am living the length of my life only.
this prompted me to dig up my handy dandy bucket list. i will accomplish everything on that list so hold me accountable!

get my picture taken in a tutu on the nyc subway (read my blog name?)
go to school out of state
graduate from college
live in new york
dance professionally (no one should be shocked by this)
go skydiving
learn to snowboard
attend julliard
backpack through europe (with my bff)

do humanitarian work in africa (also with my bff)
be a backup dancer for a famous singer (aka justin beiber)
write a book
kiss on the empire state building
read the rory gilmore book list (gilmore girls is awesome)
dance under the eiffel tower
walk on the great wall of china
visit machu picchu (again because once just wasn't enough)
watch the ball drop in times square
study abroad
become a disney princess (belle is my favorite)
serve a mission
become fluent in a second language (besides scarcasm of course)
swim with dolphins
ride an elephant

release a floating lantern at a festival of floating lights (full tangled style)
learn to surf (hopefully be taught by some cute surfer boy)
have a house on the beach
complete a marathon (why? i don't know but it would be cool to say i did)
be in two places at once (a walk to remember flashbacks anyone?)
watch baby turtles hatch (the last song... i really like nicholas sparks obviously)
go on a hot air balloon ride (since there are no magic carpets, this is the next best thing. there will be singing)
go skinny dipping in the ocean (come on, you want to do it too)
visit greece (just like my fav, mamma mia)
ride a horse on a beach
kiss josh hutcherson (obviously)

make a wish at the trevi fountain
see the great pyramids
date a british boy (the accent!)
master a musical instrument
own a pair of louboutins
have a library in my house (i told you belle is my favorite)
eat basically everything in italy
shop on black friday
put a padlock on lovers bridge in paris then throw the key in the water
see the northern lights
ride a gondola
get into the ocean with sharks
go sailing (charlie st cloud... i think yes)
be a dallas cowboys cheerleader (again, obviously)
join the peace corps.
take dance classes in nyc
go to the louvre
live happily ever after (princess remember)

did i miss anything? whats on your bucket list?
<3 tutus on the subway


  1. I am glad that I took some time to read your blog!! I really enjoyed it! I love your positive attitude about everything!!

    1. Christina! You are so sweet! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I meant what I said about your cuties