Monday, November 19, 2012


i love me some broadway. i finally got to go back to nyc this weekend and oh how i have missed it.

because of stupid frankenstorm i haven't been to the city in so long! can i just tell you how much i love it? because i do. the culture is just so... well, me. it is truly wonderful.

i went to complexions contemporary ballet performance. they are always wonderful. they also travel a lot so if you get the chance to see them anywhere, do!

i went to my favorite place in all of the city: lincoln center. i don't know if i have mentioned this before but it really is my favorite place. everything thing that i love is all in one place: the manhattan temple, julliard, lincoln center theaters (aka: nyc ballet, the philharmonic, broadway's war horse). with all of that, why wouldn't i love it?

then... best part! chaplin: the musical!!!!!! SO amazing. go see it if you ever get the chance. three words: black and white. i won't tell you how they do it, you'll just have to go see for yourself and please do! its awesomeness is unexpectedly wonderful. and i can't say enough good things about it.
some broadway playbills. i have quite a stack growing on my desk recently.
randomly, i really love this quote so enjoy!
<3 tutus on the subway


  1. I didn't know you dance!!!!!! Yay! I love NYC too..Brian worked at Lincoln Center this summer....for NY Phil.....of course Met Opera is right there and I love that!!! We absolutely LOVED living in the city this sad to come me anytime you need a ride or want to get out....we are only 15 ish minutes from you! I'm looking forward to reading your blog....also love Gilmore Girls....and leg warmers!

  2. You hadn't been to the city in so long... try never Kayla! hahaha you bum. You should just fly me out to come and hang out with you ok? You will take me to a broadway show, and I will take you to a concert. Deal?