Thursday, November 8, 2012

oh, hello snow

last week a hurricane, this week a nor'easter... oh, what will next week bring?
i am used to snow, its what my town (and whole home state) is known for. "utah: greatest snow on earth." what i am not so used to is the wet. most of the time the snow is dry back home, here it is a nasty slushy mess... not so lovely, especially when it soaks through your boots...
i do love all winter clothing though: hats, boots, scarves, gloves; whats not to love about that?
i have missed a lot of days of my 30 days of thanks on the blog (not that i haven't been thinking of things i am thankful for, i just haven't been writing them here) gotta catch up:
4. power and heat. people here still don't have it and its getting cold.
5. time. i have had a lot more time on my hands to be filled with things other than classes and school work lately and i am loving finding things worth while to do with it.
6. stony brook dance program. no, it is not big. no, it is not filled with the most technical dancers nor the most experienced dancers. no, it is not the most well established program i have ever seen. but what it does have is a place in my heart. without my dance classes i would not have made the great friends that i have, i would not have gotten the opportunity to improve so much as a dancer and i wouldn't even be staying in new york next semester. the dance program here, its kinda boss.7. layers. i refuse to wear a winter coat until the week of thanksgiving (its just too early before that!) but that doesn't mean i haven't been bundling up, goodness knows i get cold so easily. so i have been layering big time this week. leg warmers are my new best friends. i haven't lost any limbs thus far to frostbite so far so i think i am doing ok.
8. little blessings. they are really the ones that so often go unnoticed but can mean the most when you do find them.
stay warm!
you don't even see all my layers! leg warmers = friends
<3 tutus on the subway

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