Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"so much better"

and... play!
y'all know i love me some broadway. so what better than to choose a broadway song to describe my day? brilliant right? so please enjoy "so much better" from the musical legally blonde (elle woods just found out that she got the very prestigious internship from her professor).
BIG news, friends! you ready? the whole world knows that i have been stressing about getting into performance dance ensemble for next semester. it is a by audition only dance class and only 15-20 dancers get chosen for it each spring semester and guess who got in? me! i don't mean to brag or act like i am so cool because i got this or anything, but i am just too excited not to say anything! this class is basically the whole reason that i am staying at stony brook next semester so it is kinda a big deal to me and will give me some great performance experience for my hopeful career as a dancer.
can i also just say (of course i can, its my blog and i can say whatever i want) that i am so excited for next semester?! literally taking 4 dance classes - ballet, performance dance ensemble, afro-brazilian, and choreography - and will be loving all of the crazy, sore, tired, exciting moments!
i just love dance. we'll leave it at that.
<3 tutus on the subway

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