Saturday, November 10, 2012

guilty pleasure

dear friends,
i have a problem.
this probably won't come as a shock to most people, but i'll state it anyways:
  i. love. pinterest! 
so much.
it's becoming a bit of a problem because i could spend hours on it. and i sometimes do... especially when i am in the library and should be studying. but that's another problem all together.
anyways, i want to share a little inspiration and maybe a little humor with you today. get ready.

every dang time.
something i think about often.

yay for missions and hunger games!

why i love ellen: we believe in dance

because broadway is boss and so right

my life motto. seriously.

by bestie and me
obviously something i would do ;)
BOTH! ;)
who is surprised that i have in fact danced in the rain? no one? good. y'all know me well.

i have the same question every time i watch this movie

i was really going to only include 6-ish... but then i got looking on pinterest and remembered how boss all the stuff is that i have on there... if you don't follow me yet - or worse don't yet have a pinterest (gasp!) - that's okay, we can still be friends... as long as you click here instantly!
making this brought some extra smiles to my day and i hope reading it did the same for you!
wishing you a lovely day!
<3 tutus on the subway

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  1. Love this. Literally laughed out loud at some of these!