Tuesday, December 11, 2012

its that time of year

its that time of year again...

nope, i'm not talking about the holidays, i'm talking about finals. yay... wait. boooo!

as you can tell i am stoked that finals season has dutifly rolled around again - or reared its ugly head, you decide.

i have of course put off studying until the last possible moment, aka today because both of my finals are tomorrow (awesome) and clearly am getting a lot accomplished by updating my blog, yep, it's really cementing in how to conjugate irregular verbs in about a million different ways...

but, such is the life of a college student.

some things are helping me to get through the day...

 clearly what i would do if i was at the library right now.
my stress reduction kit :) its really helpful.
while writing my dance paper (yes, they exist) i drank some delicious hot chocolate complete with candy cane and whipped cream. it was wonderful. (ps just changed my background to something a bit more christmas festive)
because obviously.

good luck with finals brave soldiers!
but to those of you who do not have to take finals


<3 tutus on the subway

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