Friday, December 7, 2012

t minus one week

that's right ladies and gentlemen, i am going home in just one week.  i can't wait to be home with my family for 6 whole weeks. of course during that time i'll basically be working nonstop but it'll be worth it, my friends.

i was having a really hard time writing my talk for church. this was a new concept for me because giving youth talks was a total breeze but now i'm feeling the pressure to be all grown up and stuff.  its a very different feeling...

but then i watched the christmas devotional done by the first presidency. (click here to view it) regardless of your beliefs, you should watch it because it is all just about the spirit of christmas - and president eyring's anecdote about the perfect gift for his son was actually really funny. it got my right into the christmas spirit and will work for you too, i promise. so i'll give you another chance to click here and watch it because it will be so worth an hour of your time (watch it in pieces if you don't have a full hour)!

i am getting a good way through my talk at this point, my primary lesson and studying are, however, another matter...

some photos of my life lately...

 look carefully at the stickers on her case... see some familiar logos, utah skiers?
 lunch date with felicia. fun but sad because she is graduating and not going to be in my dance classes any more :(
 obviously this is felicia and i shopping.
and i just always laugh at this!

<3 tutus on the subway

ps- do you ever loose you contact in your eye? because it happens to me and it hurts! as a matter of fact, it just happened to me while i was writing this so i am wearing my glasses now...

adorable. i know. :)


  1. Whooo! You will be home soon!! We are hanging out obviously. And Alta!! Woot woot!