Thursday, December 6, 2012

the holidays

i love the holidays. who doesn't?

there's no school, you hang out with your family, eat a ton, everything is prettier, give and get presents... its just a blast all around.

really what i can't wait any longer for is to go home! i want to so bad! i want to see my fam.

i have to do so much before i go home though.... finals are lame. and i have to speak in church on sunday on top of everything else (which i am honestly not looking forward to).

wish me luck!

i am loving nyc at christmas time however:
 the rockafeller christmas tree.

<3 tutus on the subway


  1. Gah! You come home soon! So excited!! I will take you to a North Valley show ;)

    1. You better! Haha! Can't wait to be home! See you soon :) :) :)